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Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA 2.2

No Image 24c01, 24c02, 24c04, 24c08, 24c16, 24c32, 24c64, 24c65, 24c128, 24c256, 24c512, 93c46, 93c56, 93c57, 93c66, 93c76, 93c86, 25c080, 25c160, 25c320, 25c640, 25c128, 25c256, 7002, SDE2506, SDA2516, SDA2526, SDA2546, GRN-001, GRM-003, 25c010, 25c020, 25c040, TC89101, TC89102, X2400, X2430, X2444, 77007, 77005, CXK1011, CXK1012, CXK1013, M6M80011, M6M80021, M6M80041, MC68HC05, MC68HC11, PIC12C508, PIC12C509, PIC12CE518, PIC12CE519, PIC16C554, PIC16C556

ABB Image Icon Converter 5.1: ABB Image Icon Converter is a powerful tool for converting images to icon.
ABB Image Icon Converter 5.1

X (pix) 15) Portable Network Graphics (png) 16) Portable Pix Map (ppm) 17) Adobe PhotoShop Document (psd) 18) Sun Raster (ras) 19) SGI Image Format (sgi) 20) Targa TGA (tga) 21) Tag Image File Format (tif, tiff) 22) Windows Metafile Format (wmf) 23) X bitmap (xbm) 24) X pixmap (xpm) ** Create icon from screen capture. ** Supports any icon size 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72x72, 96x96, 128x128 ** Reads and writes Mono, 16 colors, 256 colors

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Codec Pack - Advanced 8.0.1: Features playback and encoding codecs for audio and video
Codec Pack - Advanced 8.0.1

ack Filter - for OptimFROG. DivX ACM Audio Codec also known as Windows Media Audio 4.1. Lame MP3 3.98.2 ACM Codec. DSP-worx Bass source filter 1.11. Haali Media Splitter x86 + x64 14/08/10 - For MP4, MKV, OGM and AVI container files. Matroska Source Splitter x86 + x64 1.4.2499. MP4 Source Splitter x86 + x64 1.4.2499. MPEG Source Splitter x86 + x64 1.4.2499. RealMedia Source Splitter x86 + x64 1.4.2499. AVI - AC3/DTS Converter + DTS/AC3 Source

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EasyComic 1.5

We provide abundant comic templates for you. You can make favourite shapes as templates, and also obtain the new templates online. Several color tables are provided, and you can choose any color quickly. All the shapes (even lines) can be filled with gradient-color (linear, radial, or conical). A lot of photoes saved in your computer, can be directly draged into the comic file.

36719 20214, 28459, manga, 22235, 21345 36890, 21160 28459, 26684, tool, 36830 29615 30011, comic, 30011, 32472 30011, 32472 22270

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3delite`s Icon Set 1.0

24x24 and 16x16. The format is not the new Vista PNG icon format, but the ordinary uncompressed (non PNG) BMP format (that can be converted easily to Vista icon format with appropriate application, which will gain around ~60% space due to the PNG compression). The icons are not unique, that is, you may find them, the same icons that you have bought in other applications. The price is €10 10 icons, so you can choose the single icons you like and

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xp and mac style icons Free 1.0: 100 professional icons for your web and software projects
xp and mac style icons Free 1.0

100 XP style icons for your web and software projects. Each icon is available in four different sizes and six different extensions.Sizes: 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16 pix. File types:PNG,TIFF,BMP,GIF,ICO,ICNS; (32 & 8 bits). Specially designed for software and web developers and adaptable to multiple typographic palettes and style guides.

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xp style icons Free: Free XP style icons for use in your projects and applications
xp style icons Free

Hundreds of professional XP style icons that come with highly professional design for use in your GUI and web based applications. Each icon is available in four different sizes that includes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. Each icon has been provided in two different color depths and three formats that include .ico, png and gif. We also offer Vector icons on request.

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